Main Info:

Name: Net02gb

Pronouns: He/Him

Zodiac: Gemini

Likes: Programming, gaming, anime, YouTube, Pinterest, exploring the Internet.

Dislikes: Conservatism, marketing, social media.

Who am I?

Long ago, I decided to name my Roblox alt as "Net02". It was already taken, so I decided to borrow the "gb" from my main. But at least it still sounds the same. I don't have an specific Original Character to represent myself. But that doesn't mean I don't have any.

I was watching YouTube when I clicked on this video made by LOVEWEB. Skipping a bit, they talk about the Neocities project. I was so happy! I could own a website for free! I didn't even needed to buy a domain, nor pay for a subscription-based server! So that's what I'm doing. I'm slowing making my website and learning!